Kingdom Culture Ministries mission is to bring the message of the Gospel of the Kingdom all over the world. Our hearts burn for the Church of Jesus Christ and also to contribute to revival and reformation within churches. We believe in the local and global church!

The Church is God’s vehicle for His Kingdom here on earth. Our mission is to build and equip the Church. To help her experience revival and through reformation from the inside out to show the world that Jesus is alive!

We do this by speaking in churches and congregations. Organizing conferences and training days and providing courses and training. We also undertake mission trips to various countries. Through all of these activities, we want to help return the Church to the apostolic and prophetic foundation of which Jesus Christ is the cornerstone. We want to teach Christians to renew their thinking and change the culture around them!

Jesus’ prayer was, “Let Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, as it is in heaven, so also here on earth.” That is our desire; to see the Kingdom of God breaking into the lives of people, in cities and villages and the disciples of nations.

With love,